Roof Life – How Long Will Your Roof Last in S FL?

The life expectancy of a roof in south Florida can be pretty short, compared with cooler areas. The intense heat from the sun makes it deteriorate fast.
A rule of thumb for life expectancy of roofs in south Florida is:
concrete tile roof life – about 25 years
shingle roof life – about 15-20 years. Architectural or dimensional shingles will last longer than a 3-tab shingle.
flat roof life – could be as little as 7 years

There are many factors that can affect the life expectancy of a roof.
The color of the roof: a lighter color reflects more heat and makes a roof last longer
The pitch of the roof – a steeper roof tends to last longer
The manufacturer and quality of the materials
Installation – a poor job will not last as long
Tree branches overhanging the roof – debris and/or branches rubbing on the roof can shorten roof life.

Roofs are expensive so what can you do it make it last longer and avoid leaks?

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