Should you buy a portable generator?

For some, when there is a power outage it can be much more than just a nuisance. It could be a matter of health and light-bulb-2618617__340safety. Is it wise then, to buy a portable generator?

There are many advantages to having a portable generator. It is especially useful when your power goes out.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • They are small and easy to transport, ideal for someone who enjoys camping or going to remote locations etc.
  • There is no difficult installation and you don’t usually require a permit to buy or operate one.
  • They typically run on gasoline.

Some things to think about if you decide to buy a portable generator.

  • Never overload a portable generator, it will be prevented from functioning as it should, and more importantly it could also cause a fire.
  • Portable generators are not designed for appliances hard wired for your home. They are designed to run corded appliances.
  • Due to the fact that portable generators produce carbon monoxide, which we all know to be deadly, its very important to never have one running in the house.
  • Keep your generator away from water as this could cause electric shock if water gets onto it whilst running.
  • Being that gasoline is a very flammable liquid, be extremely careful to not spill any on a hot generator, so as to avoid potential fire.

As we can see, a portable generator is a very good thing to have as long as much care is taken when operating it.

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