Condo inspections in Fort Lauderdale

Ft Lauderdale Condo Inspection

Ft Lauderdale Condo Inspection

Do I need to have an inspection of a condo?

Absolutely!   There are a myriad of problems that a condo inspection could reveal.  I typically find 10 to 20 items that need to be fixed when I do a condo inspection – some important, others maintenance items.

The air conditioner:  You want to know the condition of the air conditioner  and whether or not it has been installed properly.  It is common to find important safety components missing or incorrectly installed.  Are the coils clean?  (To have the coils cleaned when they are dirty is around $400.)  Are the ducts clean?  Is the air conditioner cooling effectively?

The electrical panel.  There are many older panels that are unsafe and need to be replaced.  Many panels also have incorrect wiring that needs to be fixed.  The last thing you want is a wire or breaker overheating and causing a fire.

Electrical wiring:  Some communities were wired with aluminum and certain steps need to be taken to make the wiring safe.  Are the outlets all working?  Are they wired correctly?  I find problem wiring on at least 30% of properties I inspect.

Appliances:  Have the appliances been installed properly?  Are there any safety recalls on the appliances?  How old are the appliances – will they need replacing soon?

Plumbing:  What is the condition of the plumbing? This includes pipes, connections, faucets, showers, tubs, sinks, water temperature and the water heater.  You do not want to have to deal with a water leak which could cause mold or damage, both in your apartment and the one below.  Has there been a leak in the apartment above you?

The water heater:  It is very common for water heaters to be incorrectly installed.  Make sure yours is not one of these.

Windows and doors:   Are they all working properly?  Is there rust? Damage?  Missing or damaged screens?

Flooring, walls and ceilings:  Is there damage?  Water leaks?

Mold:  Mold can grow just about anywhere there is moisture or high humidity levels and organic material such as dust or drywall, even inside the air conditioner.  Mold cannot always be seen and can be hidden in carpet, behind wallpaper or in the ceiling.  In south Florida where the humidity levels tend to be very high, mold is more of a problem than many other areas.  Mold is particularly dangerous to the young and elderly, those with poor health or low immune systems, or those who have allergies or bronchial problems.  When booking your condo inspection in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Boca Raton, etc, ask about a mold test of the indoor air quality to tell  if mold or other allergans are present in the air.

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This is the EPA site about mold. It includes the different types of molds and the health risks that they pose.

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