How good is the air quality in my home?

How good (or bad) is the air in your home? As people become more aware of health hazards in the home, this question becomes more important.

Unfortunately, the indoor air in the vast majority of homes has more pollutants in it than outside air. This can be pretty discouraging information. But there is good news – it can be improved.

Here are a few things to look for in your home that can impede clean air:

  • Areas that are humid or damp (like kitchens and baths) should have ventilators
  • Pets leave a lot of allergens. Using a wet duster helps keep it to a minimum
  • Try to use organic cleaning products – you’d be surprised how well white vinegar works
  • Lead paint and other issues (we have a couple of other great blogs on lead too)
  • Keep dust to a minimum in the home, and try to use high MERV rated air filters

As we can see, most of us have at least some of the potential pollutants in our home, but they are relatively easy to keep to a minimum.

In our next blog, we are going to go a little further into how you can improve your air quality.

Please contact us here at Wise Home Inspections with any questions you may have about the air quality in your home

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