Life Expectancies of Appliances and Roofs in Florida

There are lots of items in a house that wear out with time and it is helpful to have an idea of the life expectancy of different systems and elements in a house.  Appliances are the most obvious, but here in south Florida our roofs  take a real beating from the climate.  Also, most of us run our air conditioners about 360 days a year  which means they wear out faster too.

When it comes to air conditioners and kitchen appliances, life expectancy depends a lot on how much use an item gets which can vary A LOT.  Some people may run their dishwasher several times a day while other use it very infrequently. Also, if “Snowbirds” have owned the property, it may have only been lived in for several months a year.

It is getting common for air conditioners to start needing repairs after 11 years but you can get more life out of it by making sure you change the filter every month, having it serviced annually, turning the thermostat up when you go out and even running it at a slightly higher temperature.  When deciding whether to repair or replace an air conditioner, consider how old it is and how efficient it is.  This is measured by the SEER rating.  Newer units have a higher SEER rating, meaning they are more efficient and often people cut their electric bill significantly when installing a new air conditioner.

Life expectancy varies with how much it is used, weather, installation, maintenance and quality of  the product and materials. This is just  a general guideline and not as a guarantee or warranty regarding the performance or life expectancy of any appliance, product, system or component.  Items may fail sooner or last a lot longer.

Air Conditioner (central)  11 – 15  years

Dishwasher            9 – 15 years

air conditioner past its useful life

28 yr old air conditioner costing a fortune to run

Dryer (clothes)     13 years

Exhaust fans         10 -15 years

Food Disposal       12 years

Microwave Oven    9-15 years

Oven  (electric)      13-15 years

Oven (gas)              15-17 years

Refrigerator            9 – 15 years

Washing Machine  5-15 years


Life Expectancy of Roofs in South Florida

Worn 3 tab shingles past their useful life

Worn 3 tab shingles past their useful life

Asphalt Shingles (3-tab)    15-20 years

Asphalt Shingles (Architectural)  15-25 years

Concrete Tiles      25 years

Clay Tiles            30 years

Flat Roofs (rolled)  7 – 10 years


Life Expectancy of Plumbing  Items

PVC waste pipe    50-80 years

Cast Iron Waste Pipe    (above ground) 40 years

Cast Iron Waste Pipe  (below ground)  50-60 years

Copper Water Lines      70 years

Hose Bib 20-30 years

Tankless Water Heater  10  years

Water Heater (conventional) 12-20 years


Life Expectancy of Swimming Pools

Time to resurface pool.

Pool surface is peeling.

Filter (cartridge)     Change the filter annually

Filter (sand)            Replace the sand every 3 years

Marcite or diamond brite finish 15-18 years

Pool pump                 5-10 years



Exterior Paint        7-1o years


Adapted from Internachi

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