Polybutylene Pipes Stall Home Sale in Sunrise

Polybutylene Pipes Can Be a Hazard

Buying a house can be riskier than you think.  Vanessa was trying to buy a house in Sunrise,

polybutylene pipes

polybutylene pipes

but when I inspected it,  I discovered that it had polybutylene piping.  The Seller is now getting the pipes replaced so that the sale can go ahead.

Polybutylene pipes leaked in thousands of homes across the United States resulting in many lawsuits being filed. In 1995 a $950 million settlement was reached.

They were installed in more than six million homes during the 80’s and early 90’s, including  areas in Broward County, Florida, such as Tamarac, Sunrise and Margate.  Unfortunately, thousands of people still have these pipes and have no idea. Even if they look fine, they are unreliable and can leak unexpectedly.

Look out for gray pipes under the sinks and around the hot water heater. They are not always easy to spot as they usually have copper fittings on the ends. . See more at www.polybutylene.com/realtor.html

When buying a house always ask for the Seller to complete a Disclosure form – ask your real estate agent- but you also need a home inspection as the seller may not be aware of this problem.

Replacing polybutylene pipes can be expensive.  Another option is to make sure your insurance policy will cover any damage from burst pipes.  If they burst you may get a nice payout!

plumbing issue in the attic

Polybutylene pipes found in the attic


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