What Really Matters On Your Home Inspection

When it comes to a home inspection, there are a lot of things that go into the report. We pride ourselves on being thorough, detailed home inspectors.

We scour your home to find every issue possible. Everything from a damaged outlet to a structural issue. So when you get your completed home inspection report, it can look pretty terrifying at times.

So you may wonder: What really matters in the home inspection report? That is a valid question.

We want to give you the most complete information possible. But a lot of that information is for your your benefit after you move in. For instance, we may recommend cutting back vegetation from the home. While that is a great maintenance item, it is not usually something that you bring back to negotiate with the seller.

So what “really” matter? While we make our reports very clear in this regard, watch this brief video to see what really does matter on your home inspection:

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