MAINTENANCE TIPS For South Florida Properties

We think that because a house doesn’t have moving parts like a car, that it doesn’t need servicing. However, there are many moving parts in the major systems, and the exterior of the house faces enormous pressure from the elements – both the harsh sunlight and torrential rain.

Air Conditioning:
Air Filter: It is very important to change your air filter regularly. Check it at least once per month.
Drain pipe: make sure it is fitted with a Float Switch . If the water is not draining properly It shuts off the unit to stop water from flooding on to the floor. You can also install an emergency drain pan to give you added protection.
It is also helpful to should flush drain lines with vinegar or bleach every month to reduce algae and prevent clogs.
And don’t forget an annual service from a reputable air conditioning company.
The Roof
Tile roofs. Whenever you get the roof pressure cleaned, you will probably end up with cracked tiles. Do what you can to check the roof before and after.
It is a good idea to have the roof checked annually if it is an older roof to make sure no problems have developed. The best way to check for leaks is inside the attic after it rains.
Keep material away from the wall of the house.
GFCI outlets are typically located in wet areas: kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, as well as external walls and inside the garage. It is a good idea to check these each year using the test button on the outlet. If one of the outlet trips, you may have to reset it on one of the other outlets .
Emergency Shut Off Switches
Make sure you know where the electrical panel is in case a circuit trips, and also the main shut off switch (sometimes there are more than one) and the main water shut off in case of emergency.
Stucco Cracks
To prevent water intrusion, stucco cracks should be filled
To help prevent settling over time and weeds growing, re-sand every year or two and re-seal with the appropriate sealer.
Dryer Ducts:
Blocked dryer ducts are a common cause of fire and should be cleaned out periodically. Flexible hose ducts can easily get squashed; the rigid metal ducts are much safer.
Washer Hoses:
Broken hoses are a common cause of flooding. Manufacturers recommend changing these every 5 years or replacing with metal flex hoses.
Smoke Alarms
Not only should smoke alarms be tested regularly, manufacturers recommend that they be replaced every 10 years as their sensitivity deteriorates over time.