Buyer Inspections

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Whenever you are buying a home, you need to have the property thoroughly inspected before you close the deal. If you neglect this important task, you could end up discovering that the home has many problems that you were unaware of. These problems could be quite expensive to repair. Schedule your Buyer Inspection Coral Springs Today! Read more..

Pre-Listing Inspections

Pre-listing home Inspections coral springs

You may want to consider a Pre-Listing Inspection or Seller Home Inspection which can assist in the sale process to go smoothly and quickly. A pre-listing inspection is the same as a residential home buyer’s inspection except the information is obtained for the seller. The seller can use this information to fix or repair any items prior to getting a ready, willing and able buyer because eventually, your buyers are going to conduct an inspection. Read more..

Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections Coral Springs

Wise Home Inspections specializes in inspecting a wide range of commercial properties from industrial spaces to apartment buildings. Wise Home Inspections performs commercial inspections on multi units complexes, retail stores, and centers.  Just call to let us service your inspection needs. Schedule your Commercial Inspections Coral Springs Today! Read more..

Mold Testing

Mold Testing Coral Springs

Mold Evaluation Inspection services are needed for every home. Mold is one of those sneaky perpetrators that are often very successful in going unnoticed. Although mold is everywhere, and many times it may be harmless, certain types of mold can be very harmful to your health, and it is important to know what signs you should look for throughout your home to ensure there is not a dangerous mold infestation. Read more..

Michael did a really great job at inspecting my new home. He created a very in-depth report with photos as well as a summary, to do list, and photo report. He was extremely friendly and went through all of the issues with me. – Review of Wise Home Inspection By Byron Lee

New Construction Inspections

New Construction Inspections Coral Springs

In most builders’ books, new does not always translate to perfect construction. No matter how good your builder is, they are prone to making errors or overlooking certain building standards that you will later need to deal with as code violations. A properly licensed private home inspector to conduct a thorough check as a final walkthrough with the builder to make sure that everything is in place for your new home to finally be handed over to you just the way you wanted it. Schedule your New Construction Inspections Coral Springs Today! Read more..

1-Year Builder Warranty Inspections

1-Year Builder Warranty Inspections Coral Springs

A Warranty Inspection or 1-Year Builder Warranty Inspection is typically performed prior to the 1-year anniversary of new homeownership, while the builder is still responsible for most defects. Schedule your 1-Year Builder Warranty Inspections Coral Springs Today! Read more..

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Wind Mitigation Coral Springs

A Wind Mitigation inspection is a way to save big bucks on your insurance premium if your home has certain features that reduce risk of damage or loss in a hurricane. Since 2003 insurance companies in Florida have been required to give insurance discounts on a whole range of items if they are present. Savings of up to 40% are possible! These are particularly important in south Florida which has been designated a High Velocity Hurricane Zone.  Read more..

Four Point Inspections

Four Point Inspection Coral Springs

When purchasing a new home, a four-point inspection is sometimes a necessity in order to get a new homeowners insurance policy or to renew a policy that you already have. Insurance companies often require the addition Four Point Report for homes that were built prior to 1988. Schedule your Four Point Inspection Coral Springs Today!  Read more..

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