Do you need a Wind Mitigation and/or 4 Point Inspection?

These inspections are insurance inspections and can be very important, whether or not you are also having a full home inspection done in Deerfield Beach or elsewhere in Florida. Insurance in South Florida is very expensive due to the risk of hurricanes. If you have a mortgage, your banks will require wind insurance.

Wind mitigation is all about lessening the risk of wind damage to your home in the face of hurricanes, an annual risk for those of us living in South Florida. Different studies have been done over the years but builders had different approaches. Some homes built in the 1950s had metal clips to help prevent the roof from blowing off. By the 1960s most builders were using hurricane straps that wrapped over the truss, although these were not always properly installed.

Wind Mitigation and Hurricane Andrew

In 1992 South Florida was hit by Hurricane Andrew, a category 5 hurricane. It caused over $25 billion in damage. This led to a new urgency to better protect homes from wind storm damage. Miami-Dade and Broward Counties implemented South Florida
Building code on September 1, 1994. The new code was specifically aimed at strengthening new homes in order to mitigate the impact of hurricane-strength winds.

The rest of Florida followed suit and the 2001 Florida Building Code went into effect on March 1st, 2002.

Wind Mitigation Discounts/ Credits

Insurance companies were also now required to recognize certain windstorm mitigation features on homes and to give discounts accordingly. An important study was commissioned in 2000 by Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation (“OIR”) to determine which features were the most important in reducing risk.

A Wind Mitigation Inspection will identify which of those features a home has. Based on that report, insurance companies will provide a discount of up to 68% on your wind insurance.

Make sure that you choose an established company with experienced inspectors. There are a lot of nuances and expertise is required to properly verify the correct wind mitigation on a number of features. It is no good if an inspector gets something
wrong and 6 months later the underwriter disallows something and increases your insurance premium.

The purpose of a Wind Mitigation inspection is not just to save money on your insurance; a wind mitigation report also lets you
know what weak points your home may have and what steps you can take to strengthen your home. Hurricane season lasts for five months and if you have a well-protected home that removes a great deal of stress.

Wind Mitigation is a lot more than just having impact windows or
hurricane panels.

Estimated Premium Discount

Roof – up to 11%

As long as the roof covering (shingles, tiles, etc) was put on or replaced after Sep 1st, 1994 for Miami-Dade and Broward or Sep 1st, 2002 in Palm Beach, you will still be eligible for a discount.

Hurricane Straps – up to 35%

There are many different types of hurricane straps, but as long as they are properly installed, you should receive credit. If they are not properly installed, they can often be corrected.

hurricane clip

Hurricane Clip

Single Wrap

Single Wrap

Roof Shape – up to 47%

Hip Roof – defined as your roof sloping down to meet all your outside walls (like a pyramid). Most homes have a mixed roof design but as long as 90% is hip you should receive a credit. A flat roof at the back of the house will usually disqualify the roof from being classified as a hip roof.

Opening Protection for Windows and Doors

The amount of credit you receive from having impact windows, shutters or panels will depend on what other credits you have. Some companies will want all the doors done as well as the windows whereas some will give you credit for just having the windows done.

Year the Home Was Built

Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach have a mixture of older and newer homes. If the home was built after Sep 1st, 1994 ( or after Sep 1st, 2002 in Palm Beach County) then you should receive most, if not all, of the discounts. Note that the date is taken from when the building application was submitted, not the date list on the property appraiser’s website.

The actual amount of credit you receive can only be determined by having a Wind Mitigation Inspection Report done and submitting it to your insurance agent. If you live east of U.S.1 you will likely pay a steep premium as you are at greater risk, so storm protection is even more important.

Wind Mitigation for condos in Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach and surrounding cities.

Wind Mitigation for condos in Deerfield BeachMost people look at me strangely when I tell them that they can get a discount on their condo insurance (H06 policy) by having a Wind Mitigation Inspection done as the Association has insurance for the building. It makes sense, however, as the contents, including the walls and floors, are at risk from water damage if the building is damaged by a hurricane. Even if you don’t have impact windows or shutters, you may still qualify for a significant discount. One of the biggest discounts is for having a concrete roof which most taller condo buildings have, as well as many two-story buildings. As long as the roof on your Deerfield Beach or Pompano Beach home was put on or replaced after Sep 1st 1994 (or Sep 1st, 2002 in Palm Beach County), you will still be eligible for a discount. If you have impact windows or shutters, then another discount applies.

If you are shopping for a better price on your home insurance, have just replaced your roof, installed impact windows, hurricane shutters or impact doors on your Deerfield Beach or Pompano Beach home then contact Wise Home Inspections for fast and reliable service.